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Invisalign for Crowded Teeth Toronto

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Invisalign for Crowded Teeth Toronto
Invisalign for Crowded Teeth Toronto
I am looking for a dentist in the Toronto area who can help me with my crowded teeth. I have heard many good things about invisalign and was wondering if it can be used as treatment for crowded teeth. I would love more information on whether not it is possible as my crowded teeth are becoming more and more of a problem.
Any information would be greatly appreciated! 


By CD Dental Care
Hi there and thank you for reaching out to the CD Dental Care team with your question regarding the use of invisalign for fixing crowded teeth.
Invisalign can definitely be used for fixing crowded teeth. The Invisalign treatment option consists of a series of aligners (or trays) that fit over your teeth. These trays gradually and gently shift your teeth into place based on the treatment plan that is laid out for you.
The invisalign trays/aligners are changed every two weeks (as your teeth shift) with a new set up until your treatment is done and your teeth are not as crowded anymore. Your course of treatment and plan will also require you to see your dentist once or twice a month so that the progress and treatment of your crowded teeth (with the invisalign trays) can be assessed. 
Another option available to you is also the use of our pre-treatment invisalign program which will allow you to view your treatment plan from start to finish as well as give you a look of what your teeth will look like once you have completed the invisalign treatment. 
In order to provide with more detiails about the invisalign program, we could need to see you to complete a full evaluation of your case. 
We can definitely help you with your crowded teeth concerns and help you come up with a solution that best suits your needs. Just give us a call! 
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8 months ago
Interested in learning more about the invisalign treatment options available to you through CD Dental Care?

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