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Oral Surgery Toronto

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Oral Surgery Toronto
Oral Surgery Toronto
What are some of the kinds of surgery options offered through CD Dental Care?
What are some of the issues you help treat through oral surgery and treatment?
I am looking for a new dentist in the Toronto area and more information about oral surgery services would really benefit me as I am looking to get my wisdom tooth pulled and am wanting to go to a dentist who does it all and wont refer me to another surgeon.



By CD Dental Care
Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out to the CD Dental Care with your question regarding Oral Surgery.
Yes, all our dentists are skilled oral surgeons and have experience with a number of different procedures that require some sort of oral surgery, including wisdom teeth removal. 
Wisdom teeth removal is a type of oral surgery that we have performed on a frequent basis and usually involves a pretty straight forward process and can be removed without any issues.
If however, your wisdom teeth are too impacted (that is, too far beneath the layer of gums or bone), if the teeth are too close to the main nerve that runs just below the root or if the positioning requires more attention you may be referred out to another surgeon. 
This is much similar to being referred to a specialist by your family doctor or physician depending on the scope treatment or lab work needed, a dentist will do the same when it comes to referring your case to that of an oral surgeon. 
If you are interested in having our team look over your xrays and discuss the details of your case, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to see how we can help! 
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