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Underbite Braces Toronto

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Underbite Braces Toronto
Underbite Braces Toronto
I am interested in knowing if there is anything your dental clinic can do in terms of offering me braces for my underbite? I know that I will have to go in for an initial evaluation but is this sort of issue one you can help me with? Have you had cases in the past like underbite and braces used to treat it? 

Thank you


By CD Dental Care
Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out to the CD Dental Care team with your question regarding braces for something like an underbite.
Yes, like you mentioned, the best way for us to see if we can treat your case would be to schedule a consultation with our team.
In booking a consultation with us we would be able to better determine the severity of your underbite and offer the best treatment option for you. 
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8 months ago
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